Building a Customer Community

Customer communities provide a unique forum to engage with like-minded individuals seeking information, resources and insight to drive their career and their organizations forward. In the ever-changing technology industry, these communities provide customers opportunities to share ideas, drive product evolution and engage directly with the vendors whose products and solutions they work with on a daily basis and, most importantly, other customers who use them too.

When effective, communities drive a two-day dialogue and foster ongoing communication and development which can drive individuals and industries forward.

What We Do

Whether you’re considering launching a new community or looking to revamp an existing one, we offer a variety of services to meet client needs. 

Feasibility Assessments

Interested in creating a new community, but unsure of where to start? Seeking to launch a new program offering, or revitalize an existing one?  The Innovatis Group works with clients to assess the landscape for developing an engaged community through an easy, yet in-depth process that evaluates, dissects and uncovers the potential for your idea. Partner with us to understand the impact of launching this type of community and the benefits for your customers and your organization.

Community Development

Once we’ve assessed the potential for a new community, The Innovatis Group will be your partner in making your vision a reality. With a history of launching successful and engaged communities, we offer clients a personal and productive experience in transforming an initial concept, into a full-functioning, active community. From building the infrastructure, including governance and legal support, to developing innovative programming and event concepts, The Innovatis Group partners with you for each phase of the launch and beyond.

Customer Engagement Programs

Companies with active and dynamic customer relationships stand apart from their competition. The Innovatis Group works with clients to create unique forums for companies to better understand customer successes, pain points and considerations for product improvement and more. By understanding your needs and interests, we will work with you to develop a mechanism to foster your customer relationships, increase communication and overall satisfaction.