Organizations We Serve

We are privileged to partner with a variety of organizations focused on driving increased value proposition and growth, while transforming the member experience for their communities. Our clients range in a variety of size, needs and focus areas.

Examples of the organizations The Innovatis Group supports:

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Looking for new ways to reach their existing and potential customer base, Canon Solutions America solutions engaged The Innovatis Group’s leadership team to launch an independent, customer community focused on advancing Inkjet technologies through education and networking. Innovatis collaborated with Canon to launch it’s first-ever Inkjet customer event 2015, which was the largest customer-led inkjet event in the world.

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The world’s largest organizations for communications technology professionals, IAUG engaged The Innovatis Group for strategic support in driving a deliberate shift in the organization’s approach to achieving its mission. This effort has led to the growth of membership in key international regions and a revamp of the organization’s future marketing and event strategy, intended to kickoff in 2017.

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The world’ largest virtualization organization with over 125k members around the world, VMUG engaged The Innovatis Group to drive the evolution of its business model with a focus on new product development and launching international operations.

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Looking to grow and drive customer engagement, VUG partnered with The Innovatis Group to enhance programs and increase awareness. The organization experienced 3x growth in just over 12 months and is currently developing both virtual and in-person programming opportunities to increase member engagement and take the organization into its next phase.