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Design Thinking for Associations | Part II

Companies often come to us and ask us to help them become more creative and more innovative. In our experience, creativity and innovation are not achieved by simply adding an eye-catching logo on a product or bringing in a well-known keynote speaker. There is a clear distinction between the design as a superficial destination and […]

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Design Thinking for Associations | Part I

We’ve all seen the latest buzzwords floating around: user experience, customer experience, agile, design thinking… the list goes on and on. These methods are created to inspire our creative genius, enhancing our efforts so we can focus on our customers. Who doesn’t want to do that, right? The implementation and application of these methods can […]

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The Secret to Effective Member Communication


Think of all the emails you receive on a daily basis. All of the branded social media content you see while scrolling through your various timelines. All of the messaging your brain subconsciously analyzes and organizes as you go about your normal day-to-day routine. We consume so much information in the 21st century; from the […]

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The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Organization

Whether you’re starting a new organization or managing one that’s long been established, the success or failure of every goal depends entirely upon the strength (or weakness) of your organization’s Board of Directors. As the foundation on which the house stands, the Board of Directors sets every standard and ensures the fortitude of the organization […]

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Customer Communities: What Companies Should Know

With almost every industry introducing the latest and greatest innovation at a breakneck pace, it’s easy for a company or association to slip behind despite sincere efforts to stay competitive. The most advanced offering a company releases is rendered almost completely obsolete within a fraction of a second as the “next big thing” looms on […]

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