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How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences

How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences - Innovatis Group

In our world today, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Our ability to instantly access information, networking, and experiences at the touch of a button has created the need for event professionals to adapt to these new technology standards. So how do we embrace this new wave of change and use […]

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Customer Communities: What Companies Should Know

With almost every industry introducing the latest and greatest innovation at a breakneck pace, it’s easy for a company or association to slip behind despite sincere efforts to stay competitive. The most advanced offering a company releases is rendered almost completely obsolete within a fraction of a second as the “next big thing” looms on […]

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The Number One Thing to Remember When Recognizing Volunteer Leaders

The balance between making sure volunteers are recognized and celebrated for their contributions and making sure they understand the true benefits of their time and energy is sometimes a difficult one to achieve. When it comes to incentives and rewards, it’s important to understand the timing and how it affects the morale and motivations of your organization’s volunteers. […]

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Why Budget Management is Everyone’s Responsibility

Accounting is many things. It’s the basis for managing an organization’s financial health. It’s the primary source of balance and reliability with financial data and reporting. It’s the foundation upon which the future of any organization is based—without accountability for the spending of the money with which we are entrusted, there is no credibility in future goals or ambitions.  […]

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