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The Secret to Effective Member Communication


Think of all the emails you receive on a daily basis. All of the branded social media content you see while scrolling through your various timelines. All of the messaging your brain subconsciously analyzes and organizes as you go about your normal day-to-day routine. We consume so much information in the 21st century; from the […]

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Bringing the “Real World” into Virtual Events

This post originally appeared on on February 15, 2018. The world connects virtually, and it is no different for the associations we serve. Building effective virtual programs drives value for members across borders, provides cost effective means for engagement, and creates a unique forum for networking and learning. But a common mistake in planning virtual […]

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The Role of a Board of Directors in a Successful Organization

Whether you’re starting a new organization or managing one that’s long been established, the success or failure of every goal depends entirely upon the strength (or weakness) of your organization’s Board of Directors. As the foundation on which the house stands, the Board of Directors sets every standard and ensures the fortitude of the organization […]

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Using a Committee to Gather Collective Insight

This article originally appeared on on September 4, 2018. Virtual events are more than just a convenient and fun means for education and engagement. While it is important to work hard to translate the in-person experience into the virtual space effectively, virtual events are in themselves a unique and valuable form of interaction (which I […]

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