About Innovatis Group

What We Do

The Innovatis Group is committed to creating and sustaining dynamic communities and professional associations that make individuals and industries thrive. We are a full-service association management and customer engagement agency focused on offering unique, customized solutions that ensure our client organizations achieve their missions.

Through our team of internal, experienced professionals and our trusted external networks, we offer a range of strategic, management and support services that help organizations succeed at any point in their life cycle.

Our offerings are tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. Whether a global or local, start-up or reinvention, The Innovatis Group will partner with you to ensure the most strategic and impactful solutions for your organization.

We serve industry leading corporations, start-up associations and mature organizations interested in the launch and ongoing growth of customer communities or associations.

Our Commitment to Clients

We work with clients to understand their needs and build a path for long-term success. We believe this can only be done with a commitment to accountability, excellent customer service and a true collaboration in driving toward their goals.