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Brands are under constant pressure to stay relevant and engaging with their customers, whether they are new or want to reposition themselves in the marketplace. This constant pressure adds growing needs to a brand that they may not have internal resources to address. We can be an extension of your team, managing aspects of your business to greater success. Whether it’s cultivating strategies to engage with your audience or managing your brand’s events, we’re here to help you succeed.

Whether you need help advancing your current goals or defining your mission, we are here to strengthen the overall health of your association. We come alongside you as a member of your team, invested in your membership growth and success. We don’t play by the typical association management playbook – we push the proverbial envelope with innovative custom solutions to stay relevant and push your association to the next level.

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market research

Member Insights enable you to capture unique insights into the buzz surrounding your community and your brand. Whether its collecting data that tells a story, gaining exclusive observations from your most engaged audiences, or learning more about your customer’s journey, Member Insights makes it easy to converse directly with your audience to uncover valuable insights.

customer/member engagement

Growth is important, but engagement is essential. We leverage member insights and data to create custom engagement strategies to cultivate community advocates.

live & virtual event management

Our events and sales teams partner with organization to offer unique solutions for event programming, both in person and virtual, as well as strategies to engage a broad sponsorship base to support the vision and priorities of the organization.

sales & partner engagement

Our partner engagement team works as a trusted advisor with partners to better understand their goals and deliver a strategy created to build success. From the initial discovery, we create strategic programs to drive lead generation, customer engagement, and branding for our partners. Once we have launched a program, our team monitors success to maximize the benefit of the program.

financials & operations

Financial health of our communities is top priority. We provide full financial management services to secure proper handling of funds to foster community growth. Transparency is key! We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting.
Maintaining and documenting the organizational structure ensures longevity and continuity. We’ll take care of all the behind the scenes support so you can focus on what’s important: your organization.

board management & meetings

To help drive strategy and effectively monitor progress, we support a ”balanced board” structure. This affirms alignment between the Board and staff and encourages volunteer support to drive success. The services we provide include:

  • Board meeting and pre-planning
  • Onsite support
  • Committee development and support
  • Minutes and action tracking
  • Creation and support of online Board community

marketing & communications

Establishing a cohesive brand and tone for your community is essential to drive member engagement. We will develop unique personas to segment your member types, then tailor our communications to ensure relevancy. Targeted messages help drive increased engagement across all marketing channels including social media, email, blogs, podcast, video, website, and digital ads.

community meetings & volunteer management

Members engaged at the local level are more likely to find value in the user group. We equip leaders with the support, tools, and training they need to maintain engaged chapters. Then, we track and monitor engagement and make adjustments to improve community health.

Customer leaders are key to a thriving community. Supporting them is key to a thriving and successful community. We offer programs and services to help lift and sustain this vision for communities.

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