we engage with your community in innovative and strategic ways

who we​ are

Innovatis Group is an Association Management Company that creates, manages and engages communities. In simple terms: we bring people together. Whether it’s a customer group, user group or society, we get your audience excited and engaged with your product or service.

The way we create and foster that engagement is what makes us unique. We listen to the needs of your company or association and create custom solutions that meet your goals. For some, that’s an entire infrastructure of management. For others, that’s a tailored experience for your elite customers.

The key to our success is our agility. We’re nimble, which means we can track your audience’s engagement and interest in real-time and adjust accordingly. This allows us to be one step ahead with new ideas and innovation, nurturing your community members into community advocates.

who we​ work with

the Innovatis leadership team

Client Experience & Operations

Victor Bohnert, CEO, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Victor Bohnert

Chief Executive Officer

Victor worked on a former President’s campaign.

Colleen Jamieson

Client Experience & Operations

Colleen loves traveling with family and friends – especially to her hometown of Cleveland, OH and anywhere with a beach.

Eric Hawkinson

Client Experience & Operations

Eric is a musical theater fanatic and has seen the last five Tony Award winners for Best Musical.

Brad Tompkins

Client Experience

Brad is the office SEC football fanatic.

Lisa Crews, Sales, Strategic Partnerships, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Lisa Crews

Client Experience

Lisa loves traveling the world with her family, cheering on her son's All-Star soccer team.

Teresa Streit, Client Experience, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Teresa Streit

Client Experience

Teresa is an avid fan of the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

Kate Emshoff

Client Experience

Kate is a podcast junkie and currently is in deep with The Daily and Pivot plus guilty pleasures like True Crime Obsessed.

Amber English, Accounting, Financial, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Amber English

Accounting & Financial Operations

Amber has a culinary degree and cooks often in her spare time.

Marketing & Branding

Hadleigh Tweedall, Marketing, Branding, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Hadleigh Tweedall

Marketing & Branding

Hadleigh has run multiple half-marathons and has conquered the Chicago Marathon.

Shanna Cleveland

Market Research

Shanna enjoys soaking up the sun on her paddle board, or embracing the snow during snowboarding season.

Events & Programming

Candice Davis, Virtual Programs, Events, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Candice Davis

Virtual Programs & Events

Candice is an accomplished drummer and Karen Carpenter is her musical idol.

Cindy Tipler, Event Logistics, Sourcing, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Cindy Tipler

Event Logistics & Sourcing

Cindy’s renovated Victorian-era home that she and her husband repaired is her pride and joy.

Kelsha Cutts

Senior Manager of Instructional Content Strategy

Kelsha is an interior design lover and architectural digest fanatic!

Jennifer Geary

Event Experience

Community Experience

Ann Saari, Membership, Community Engagement, Association Management Company, Innovatis Group - image

Ann Saari

Membership and Communities Engagement

Ann’s the only Green Bay Packer fan in an office full of Chicago Bears fans.

Jeff Carnes

Sales & Strategic Partnership

Jeff is a Springsteen-fanatic and has seen him live 15 times. Ask him about his front-row experience in Denver!

get to know us

Meet Amber, our go-to for all things finance and accounting! 
I know we all look forward to seeing Amber’s smiling face when we return to the office, but something she is looking forward to is completing the garden in her backyard! She can’t wait to see the flowers that she planted this fall bloom in the spring 🌷🌻🌷
P.S. Amber was laughing about this candid looking like she’s gearing up to do the chicken dance 🐥
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