4 Tools to Make the Marketer’s Life Easier

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Whether you’re juggling multiple clients, multiple projects for the same client, or multiple responsibilities for the same project, marketing can often seem like an overwhelming job. It’s easily the most visible aspect of a successful event, campaign, or program and this visibility creates a double-edged sword; people will quickly notice when something is working well. but people will also be quick to notice when something is not working.

Because marketing team members often wear many different hats, it’s important to use tools that will make each marketing effort more efficient, effective, and measurable. Keep reading to learn what tools help make a marketer’s life easier!


association management company, innovatis group - marketing tools: hootsuite

Social media marketing is changing every day. With each new platform update, algorithm change, and network launch, the way people interact with social media adjusts slightly and so should the strategy behind a marketing approach. To help manage where and how your content will reach people on social media, consider utilizing a social media management tool like Hootsuite. With a tool like this, you can easily manage all of the social media platforms for various clients in one place. Schedule your posts in advance, respond to comments, and follow trends without having to navigate between multiple pages and accounts natively. Hootsuite also has an excellent reporting dashboard that allows you to schedule automated reports to send as frequently as you’d like, allowing you to quickly review your social performance and adjust as needed.

Google Data Studio

association management company, innovatis group - marketing tools: google data studio

Another reporting tool every marketer should know about is Google Data Studio. While Google Analytics may seem like an intimidating world of numbers and graphs and data points that are difficult to understand, Data Studio starts with a blank slate and allows you to build custom reports with only the metrics you want to know about your website. Do you want to know which blog post had the most hits last month? Just select a table from the metric menu, enter your data source, set your date parameters, and in a few simple steps you can know what performed well in just one glance.


association management company, innovatis group - marketing tools: canva

When it comes to marketing, image is everything, right? Most of the time, an eye-catching graphic will take any tweet, Facebook post, or email to the next level. But not everyone has time to become a Photoshop or InDesign expert, and that’s where Canva comes in. Canva makes creating any kind of graphic easy and (in my opinion) fun – with certain paid subscriptions, you can unlock a vast library of icons, stock photos, and fonts, but even with the basic free version you can create visual elements that are the right dimensions and easily take your content to the next level. They even have templates you can use as inspiration if you’re not sure where to start!


association management company, innovatis group - marketing tools: clickup

Whether you prefer to take notes in a journal, on a notepad, on your computer, or even on a scrap piece of paper, there’s one thing most marketers can agree on: collaborating with teammates and sharing ideas/information makes any project easier. Sometimes it’s simply about knowing who’s responsible for which tasks within a broader project, and sometimes it’s about making sure everyone has access to the same files, links, or other resources. Regardless of what your goals are with a certain project, you should consider using a project management platform like Clickup. It may seem like a simple to-do list tracker on its surface, but its capabilities reach far into the depths of organization and timeline management. Even if you’re just using it for yourself (and not taking advantage of all the collaboration tools), Clickup can help you keep track of how much time you spend on a project, organize your to-do list by client, project, or task, and can take the guesswork out of planning for days when your workload is going to be heavier than others.

Association management companies like Innovatis Group can take marketing efforts for your organization to the next level. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow!

Kaiti Norton

Kaiti Norton

Kaiti is a Marketing Associate and Blog Editor at Innovatis Group. Her primary goal is to curate content and create a cohesive online brand for Innovatis and many of its clients. (Fun fact: she has 2 twin Siamese cats and has an extensive eyewear collection!)