Communicating in the Digital Age: Why Your Writing Skills Matter

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It’s no secret that the way that we read content and communicate is ever-changing. From social media character limits, to hashtags, to online clickbait, we have had to alter the way we talk to audiences. Attention spans only last as long as it takes to scroll down to the next thing, and marketing teams have to constantly stay ahead of what’s “clickable.” 

Nonetheless, your writing skills still matter. Whether you are communicating with your coworkers, your clients, or your customers, you have a responsibility to uphold. It is your job to get your message across clearly, concisely, and in a way that will stick with your reader. Here’s why your writing skills still matter in the digital age. 

Tweet it and weep. 

In 2017, Twitter officially doubled its character limit to a whopping 280 characters. Though Twitter threads and links are options for sharing an extensive message or leading a detailed discussion, Twitter is designed for short, concise language. When your wordcount is cut, your word choice matters more than ever. When you are mere seconds away from being scrolled past, it’s time to pull a Hamilton and write like you are running out of time. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

I would argue that spelling and grammar are becoming increasingly more important when it comes to professional writing. More and more, social media platforms have developed a vernacular of their own. However, with spellcheck,, and any other resources designed to perfect grammar, it is the writer’s responsibility to ensure messaging truly has zero-to-minimal mistakes.  

So if anyone can write “perfectly” with these tools, why do we still need strong writers? 

These technologies can help writers, but cannot replace writers. Robots are not human (yet), so these programs will not catch everything. Writing takes a brain capacity that machines will never have, which leads me into how… 

Your creativity makes you valuable. 

Writers cannot be replaced by computers. Your word choices, ideas, thoughts, and overall creativity are invaluable. Your writing skills still matter – they just might have to look a little different to change with the times. So whether you are Tweeting, blogging, emailing, et cetera, remember that you, dear writer, will remain in charge of all communication channels in the digital age.  

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Emily Minarik

Emily Minarik is a Senior Marketing Associate at Innovatis Group. Her primary goal is to spite everyone who said her English Writing degree wouldn't be useful by creating unique, innovative content for clients. (Fun fact: Emily reads 75-100 books per year, adores crafts, and spends her free time with her cat.)