How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences

How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences - Innovatis Group

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In our world today, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Our ability to instantly access information, networking, and experiences at the touch of a button has created the need for event professionals to adapt to these new technology standards.

So how do we embrace this new wave of change and use these new tools to create a unique and valuable event experience for an attendee? How do we lean into society’s hunger for information and memorable experiences and create a return for clients, partners, and customers? There are endless opportunities for incorporating these new ideas and engagement tools in your event.

Embrace the Engagement

It’s no secret we all spend an abundance of our day-to-day on our phones and on social platforms. Leverage this trend to engage with your attendees! Share a live feed of your event hashtag for everyone to watch. Challenge people to engage in different ways throughout the day for special access to new presentations or prizes. Identifying and engaging your audience where they’re already active is one of the easiest ways to integrate emerging trends in technology with your existing event strategy.

We’re Doing It Live!

Virtual events and live streaming keynotes have become a new-age way of sharing knowledge and broadening the attendee pool beyond the physical venue and event scape. It opens up new opportunities for people to tune in and learn from around the world, effectively connecting everyone under a common desire to learn something new. Most live-streaming or virtual event platforms are also equipped with a live-chat functionality, which allows virtual attendees to engage with presenters, partner representatives, and fellow attendees just as they would on-site.

App Me About It

According to SpecialEvents.Com, 39% of event attendees list an event app as the most valuable asset when attending a large event. By having a one-stop-shop for attendees to see speakers, activities, exhibit halls, etc. attendees are able feel more informed and enjoy the event more. Digitizing the event agenda, venue map, and partner information also eliminates the printing costs and reduces the lead time for those needs, which allows budget and other resources to be reprioritized for the event. Plus, if any logistics change last-minute (as they so frequently do), you can send alerts directly to attendees’ devices so everyone is updated as soon as possible.

In conclusion, technology is an ever-changing tool that has developed into a fundamental piece of all our lives. By growing with these changes and the new opportunities that come with it, events can provide an even more valuable experience for attendees. Studies show that by using new technologies at events, attendance can increase by 20%. So ask yourself, are you ready to engage, stream and map out events in new ways and pave the way for your company’s events?

Innovatis Group is an Association Management Company that creates, manages and engages communities. In simple terms: we bring people together. Whether it’s a customer group, user group or society, we get your audience excited and engaged with your product or service. Contact us today to learn how we can help you digitize your event experience and engage your audience in a unique and innovative way.

Caitlin Allison

Caitlin Allison

Caitlin is an Event Coordinator at Innovatis Group. Her goal is to create a unique and memorable experience at events for clients, partners, and community members alike. (Fun fact: Caitlin traveled across the country with Vice President Joe Biden's Advance Team during college. She worked with staff from his office and Secret Service to organize any event/meeting he was attending. This is what started her love for events and the behind-the-scenes work that she has brought to Innovatis!)