Three Ways to Mobilize Your Engagement Strategy

three ways to mobilize your engagement strategy

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As a relatively seasoned market researcher, I’m all-too-familiar with the sterile, one-dimensional research that’s prevalent in my profession. In typical research scenarios, a company will reach out to its customers and offer an incentive (small dollar amounts, points, etc.) in exchange for answers to a short survey. Once the survey is finished, that’s it. There’s no further investigation, no description of actions being taken, no follow-up. In my experience, there is no visible engagement strategy in place nor motivation for establishing one.

At Innovatis, however, our engagement strategy informs everything we do. From our broad collaboration with our clients’ partners to the individual email communications we send on a daily basis, every member of our team recognizes the importance of engagement at every turn. By extension, this applies to our market research approach in a dramatic way.

When community members see and feel the benefits of their membership in their everyday lives, they have a stake in the success of said community. It fills members with excitement for the future of their group and charges them with an earnest responsibility to protect and shape the community’s collective vision. As such, the insight and feedback they’re willing to provide is richer and more vibrant than we’re likely to find elsewhere—but there are few platforms on the market today that enable us to capture this.

As a solution, Innovatis Group offers clients a fresh approach to community engagement in three distinct ways.

Capture valuable insights and user sentiments

Long gone are the days of static data that fail to illustrate a broader picture. The Innovatis approach connects the feedback our communities are longing to share with the people who can implement positive changes most effectively. This means our clients can uncover new dimensions of insight that would otherwise be lost in the shuffle.

Converse with the community and establish a two-way dialogue

When members of a community understand that their voice is heard by leaders, they are more inclined to give their honest opinion about what’s working and what could use improvement. We facilitate this exchange instantaneously by enabling decision-makers to take action as soon as the data is collected.

Collect data to inform future business decisions

In turn, the data that we can leverage is user sentiment in its rawest, most unadulterated form. This helps our clients make the most informed decisions about what will make members feel that they are getting the most value out of their experience.

In summary, mobilizing your engagement strategy comes down to having tools in place that will allow you to understand your community’s values on the deepest possible level. That’s where Innovatis has an advantage. With CAPTO, a new platform recently launched by Innovatis Group, we are able to harness the voice of our audience and establish a two-way dialogue between our clients and the communities they represent. In effect, CAPTO is the vehicle that allows our engagement strategy to take flight. Clients are able to understand the interests, needs, and opinions of the community and members are able to see the tangible results of their influence.

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Shanna Cleveland

Shanna Cleveland

As a Senior Market Research Coordinator for Innovatis Group, Shanna's goal is to utilize a comprehensive engagement strategy that captivates audiences while providing valuable insights to decision makers. She engages audiences through customized campaigns that capture valuable insights and help inform business decisions. (Fun fact: In her free time, Shanna enjoys soaking up the sun on her paddle board or embracing the snow during snowboarding season.)