A Year at Home – From Conference Rooms to Zoom

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On the anniversary of our first day of all Innovatis employees working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re reflecting on what the year has taught us. 

From perfectly planned community events to conference room brainstorms on member engagement, Innovatis was poised for a year of growth for all of our managed communities. We had high expectations for ushering in the new decade for our clients but also for our company culture. We had planned team building days, company outings, and event travel for the entire year. While we enjoyed a busy Q1 in 2020, we, like the rest of the world, had to pivot our plans and find creative ways to continue to serve our clients and user community members. On March 16, 2020,everyone packed up their things to work from home and a year later we’re all still at home, but we’re grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel to being back together again soon. 

Several team members shared their memories of making the move from going into the office to the short commute to kitchen tables and office desks. We doubled down early in the pandemic to put forth a virtual-first strategy that not only shifted all our events to online but also sped up releases of new community programs.  

Virtual Routines

Our routines look drastically different than they were a year ago. Several team members talked about having so much more time in their mornings and evenings without a commute and we’ve accomplished so much. We all have new habits that we hope to incorporate into a “new normal” once we’re back together.  

What the Year Taught Us

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s showed the Innovatis team that we’re all hardworking, incredible individuals that come together daily to bring the best service to our user communities. A lot of us have taken courses throughout the year, gotten certificates in our fields to be better in a specific task, and have developed more diverse networks globally. We all learned a lot about ourselves while being remote whether it’s when we’re most creative, what type of environment we thrive in, or how we can get through anything when we have a strong team around us.  

Still Bringing People Together

One thing has remained true: Innovatis is in the business of bringing people together. We adapted our entire events strategy to virtual platforms and had one of the most successful attendance records to date with our virtual events. Our business grew during the pandemic, and we’re excited to help our clients grow and achieve new milestones together. Our team has seen the ups and downs of going virtual and our company culture has shifted and grown to accommodate new working styles and modes of operation.  

With our time exclusively at home thankfully coming to an end in the near future, we are proud of how our team rallied together and faced each challenge positively and proactively. We brought on new team members and have grown not only in company size but in expertise, new abilities, and a proactive approach to any obstacle.  

Are you interested in tackling 2021 and beyond with us? We’re hiring! Check out our list of openings and come work with a team who brings people together! 

Leeanna Nelson

Leeanna is the Content Strategist Senior Coordinator at Innovatis Group. Between developing content strategies for clients, crafting content calendars, and leading all content marketing efforts, she also enjoys writing blog posts and articles for Innovatis. Leeanna spent 7 years in book publishing and consulting and has a constantly growing "To Be Read" pile.