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How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences

How to Leverage Technological Transformations with New-Age Event Experiences - Innovatis Group

In our world today, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Our ability to instantly access information, networking, and experiences at the touch of a button has created the need for event professionals to adapt to these new technology standards. So how do we embrace this new wave of change and use […]

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Using a Committee to Gather Collective Insight

This article originally appeared on on September 4, 2018. Virtual events are more than just a convenient and fun means for education and engagement. While it is important to work hard to translate the in-person experience into the virtual space effectively, virtual events are in themselves a unique and valuable form of interaction (which I […]

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Customer Communities: What Companies Should Know

With almost every industry introducing the latest and greatest innovation at a breakneck pace, it’s easy for a company or association to slip behind despite sincere efforts to stay competitive. The most advanced offering a company releases is rendered almost completely obsolete within a fraction of a second as the “next big thing” looms on […]

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4 Tools to Make the Marketer’s Life Easier

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Whether you’re juggling multiple clients, multiple projects for the same client, or multiple responsibilities for the same project, marketing can often seem like an overwhelming job. It’s easily the most visible aspect of a successful event, campaign, or program and this visibility creates a double-edged sword; people will quickly notice when something is working well. […]

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