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Six Secrets Every Events Professional Should Know

“Event planning is one of those things,” says Caitlin Contreras, Event Coordinator at Innovatis Group, “that many people think they could do professionally. The trick is to intentionally make it look easy, so anyone thinks they could do it.” Because associations are inherently social organizations, events are a critical component of success; from location to […]

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Setting (& Reviewing) Multi-Year Goals with Your Board of Directors

In the world of associations, keeping your goals at the front and center of everything you do is of the utmost importance. With your Board of Directors losing and gaining members from year to year, it is crucial to have a vision for your organization solidified in writing to maintain accountability. I recently sat down […]

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Three Ways to Mobilize Your Engagement Strategy

three ways to mobilize your engagement strategy

As a relatively seasoned market researcher, I’m all-too-familiar with the sterile, one-dimensional research that’s prevalent in my profession. In typical research scenarios, a company will reach out to its customers and offer an incentive (small dollar amounts, points, etc.) in exchange for answers to a short survey. Once the survey is finished, that’s it. There’s […]

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Design Thinking for Associations | Part I

We’ve all seen the latest buzzwords floating around: user experience, customer experience, agile, design thinking… the list goes on and on. These methods are created to inspire our creative genius, enhancing our efforts so we can focus on our customers. Who doesn’t want to do that, right? The implementation and application of these methods can […]

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